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Thank you for considering giving a gift to Hospital & Medical Foundation of Paris, Inc.  We feel that you are more than just a donor. You are there with us, making a difference in our community! Our goal is to use every penny that you have entrusted to us to its maximum benefit. We are dedicated to share our blessings and your care for others who are in need of healthcare. Your contributions will help change lives and together, we will make difference... an impact representing our commitment to community and family health.

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Director of Foundation Development
Hospital & Medical Foundation of Paris, Inc.
721 East Court Street Paris, IL 61944-2420
(217) 465-2606, ext. 295

Meet  the Director

Kim Macke serves the Hospital & Medical Foundation of Paris as Director of Development. She was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, and currently resides in West Union, Illinois, with her husband, David, and two children, Logan and Morgan. Kim Macke serves the Hospital & Medical Foundation of Paris as Director of Development. She was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, and currently resides in West Union, Illinois, with her husband, David, and two children, Logan and Morgan. 

She received her bachelor's degree in Marketing from the School of Business at Indiana University in 1983.  

Kim came to HMFP from Crawford Memorial Hospital in Robinson where she was responsible for Public Relations, Marketing, Foundation and Volunteers for over 10 years. Her previous position was as Department Manager for 14 years at Root’s Department Store in Terre Haute where she managed several different departments.

Kim is a member of the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy, East Central Illinois Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Rotary Club of Paris and Paris Business & Professional Women’s Club.  She currently received a certificate for completing the “Fundamentals of Resource Development” at the Madison Institute for Healthcare Philanthropy.  She is the Secretary of the West Union District Library Board serving on her second term.  

Kim is very committed to the community and patients of Paris Community Hospital and is available to assist you in making a gift to the Hospital.  You may reach her by mail at Paris Community Hospital, 721 East Court Street, Paris, IL 61944, by phone at 217-465-2606, extension 295 or by email at


Current Project 
Phase II Building Plan
Rehabilitation Services
Meals on Wheels

Donations may also be given as Unrestricted Gifts. These donations will be used on the projects of greatest need as determined by Board of Directors.

Past Projects


Why Give to Your Local Hospital Foundation?

Your future healthcare needs, along with the needs of your loved ones, depend upon community support for the HMFP. The cost of providing quality healthcare continues to increase at a rapid pace, but your financial contribution can assist your Hospital in meeting its goals to serve you and your family for generations to come. By making an investment in the future—through a gift to Hospital & Medical Foundation of Paris, Inc.—you help ensure that Paris Community Hospital / Family Medical Clinic can provide quality healthcare for all of us, our children, and our communities.  PCH/FMC strives to improve its equipment, facilities and services, and to implement the latest technological advances available in order to stay up-to-date with the changing needs of our patients. Your support can assist in that effort.


Membership Categories 
  • Annual Member
     In a single calendar year
  • Sustaining Member
     For a period of 48 months
  • Lifetime Member
    $5,000 +
     (Forty-eight month cumulative gifts recognized for Sustaining Membership are applied to Life Membership if $5,000 is given within 48 months)

  • Friend                                      $500
  • Neighbor                              $1,000
  • Pacesetter                             $5,000
  • Associate                            $10,000
  • Partner                                $25,000
  • Neighboring Builder          $50,000
  • Community Champion     $100,000
  • Community Benefactor    $250,000 and above 

Tax Advantages
Donations to the HMFP offer many tax advantages.  We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization fully recognized by the IRS.
Federal deductions and income tax credits and other financial benefits are available to donors and their heirs through estate planning. Your personal tax advisor, attorney, or trust officer can advise you of the benefits available to you.
All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.  

Our Donors

The Hospital is really about caring for our communities of people--then, now and always--we were here for your grandparents and parents, and we want to be here for your children and grandchildren. 
Anyone may support the Hospital & Medical Foundation of Paris, Inc. Your gift will make a profound and lasting difference to our local healthcare. 

Beyond making an investment in the quality of healthcare available through PCH/FMC, the Hospital & Medical Foundation of Paris, Inc. recognizes and honors members in a variety of ways.


Learn more about making a gift in your estate plan or other information about planned giving:

Friends of PCH

After 10 years of very successful sponsorship of the Annual Hospital Gala, the Friends of Paris Community Hospital committee has accomplished the group's mission of raising funds for special projects for the hospital patients and their families. The generosity of the Friends of PCH has made a lasting impact on the Hospital & Medical Foundation of Paris, Inc. and our patients.

A brief summary includes the following gifts:


 1999 Hospital Gala   $28,000   Cardiac Rehabilitation Equipment
 2000 Evening in Paris  $50,000   Solarium/Sun Room  
 2001 New York, New York  $10,000   Mammography 
 2002 New Orleans   $17,800   Bone Density Scanner, 10 TV sets 
 2003  Venice  $10,000  Colonoscope
 2004  Chicago  $15,000  Information Systems
 2005  Hollywood  $20,000  Solarium Furnishings
 2006  San Francisco  $25,000  Pulse Air Suspension Bed
 2007  Casablanca  $30,000  Equipment for Oncology Center
 2008  South Pacific  $30,000  Security System
 2009      Remaining funds donated to the hospital