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Our dedicated healthcare providers demonstrate the highest level of skill, loyalty, and respect in the evaluation and treatment of patients. Here is a list of providers by specialty:


  • casey-anderson

    Casey Anderson, FNP-C

  • susan-arp

    Susan Arp, FNP-C

  • arun-bajaj

    Arun Bajaj, MD

  • abby-barrett-lsw

    Abby Barrett, LSW

  • annie-barrett-pt-dpt

    Annie Barrett, PT, DPT

  • michael-k-benson

    Michael K. Benson, DO

  • paresh-bharodiya

    Paresh Bharodiya, MD

  • anand-bhuptani-md

    Anand Bhuptani, MD

  • robert-blumthal-od

    Robert Blumthal, OD

  • ann-bogue

    Ann Bogue, FNP-C

  • leslie-brown

    Leslie Brown, RN, BSN, WCC, DWC

  • danielle-colvin-dpt-ocs

    Danielle Colvin, PT, DPT, OCS

  • leighsa-cornwell

    Leighsa Cornwell, RN, BS, CDE

  • donald-davison-md

    Donald Davison, MD

  • marcus-s-deranian-md-facs

    Marcus Deranian, MD, FACS

  • lorie-edwards-dpt

    Lorie Edwards, PT, DPT

  • lauren-fore

    Lauren Fore, MD

  • marilyn-marks-frey-phd

    Marilyn Marks Frey, PhD

  • jane-furry

    Jane Furry, RN, BSN

  • george-geranios

    George Geranios, MD

  • manish-gorasiya

    Manish Gorasiya, MD

  • david-grazaitis

    David Grazaitis, CRNA, APN

  • debbie-griffin

    Debbie Griffin, FNP-C, CDE

  • mert-guinto

    Mert Guinto, MD

  • angela-hamilton

    Angela Hamilton, FNP-C

  • phillip-w-holloway-dpm

    Philip W. Holloway, DPM

  • bruce-houle-do

    Bruce Houle, DO

  • sang-huh-md

    Sang Huh, MD

  • syed-hussain-md

    Syed Hussain, MD

  • zachary-iles

    Zachary Iles, MD

  • danielle-ireland

    Danielle Ireland, FNP-C

  • olusgeun-ishmael

    Olusegun Ishmael, MD, MBA

  • raj-jeevan

    Raj Jeevan, MD

  • morgan-kincaid-dpt

    Morgan Kincaid, PT, DPT, CLT

  • manoj-kohli-md

    Manoj Kohli, MD

  • rakesh-kumar

    Rakesh Kumar, MD, MS

  • jihui-li

    Jihui Li, MD

  • david-m-main-md

    David Main, MD

  • robert-marshall

    Robert Marshall, MD

  • steven-martin-pa-c

    Steven Martin, PA-C

  • maribeth-mccormack

    Maribeth McCormack, CRNA, APN

  • arturo-menchaca

    Arturo Menchaca, MD

  • ernest-mensah

    Ernest Mensah, MD, MBA, MPH

  • sherri-morrison-pa-c

    Sherri Morrison, PA-C

  • krishna-m-namburi

    Krishna M. Namburi, MD

  • tony-k-nasser

    Tony K Nasser, MD, FACC, FSCAI

  • charly-nguyen-md

    Charly Nguyen, MD

  • terra-ogle-msw

    Terra Ogle, LCSW

  • priyank-patel

    Priyank Patel, MD

  • sarah-propst-mot-otr-cht

    Sarah Propst, MOT, OTR, CHT

  • amna-qureshi

    Amna Qureshi, MD

  • connie-rhoads-lcsw

    Connie Rhoads, LCSW

  • edward-rico

    Edward Rico, MD

  • adam-schneider

    Adam Schneider, CRNA, APN

  • dinesh-shah

    Dinesh Shah, MD

  • ramesh-shatagopam

    Ramesh Shatagopam, MD,

  • rahat-sheikh

    Rahat Sheikh, MD

  • lisa-smittkamp

    Lisa Smittkamp, PTA, ATC

  • kumar-sodvadiya

    Kumar Sodvadiya, MD

  • sara-spesard-fnp-c

    Sara Spesard, FNP-C

  • brenda-stevens-ms-cccslp

    Brenda Stevens, MS, CCC/SLP

  • reid-sutton

    Reid Sutton, MD

  • wahid-tazudeen

    Wahid Tazudeen, MD

  • tiffany-turner-fnp-c

    Tiffany Turner, FNP-C

  • samantha-volstorf

    Samantha Volstorf, FNP-BC

  • hetal-vora-pt-dpt

    Hetal Vora, PT, DPT

  • jon-s-weisbaum

    Jon S. Weisbaum, DO

  • crystal-white

    Crystal White, FNP-C

  • lee-webber

    Lee Webber, CRNA, APN

  • glen-yang-md

    Glen Yang, MD

  • karen-wiarda-do

    Karen Wiarda, DO

  • ronald-johnson-md

    Ronald Johnson, MD

  • bradley-grissom

    Bradley Grissom, APN, CNP, MSN

  • andrea-alexander

    Andrea Alexander, PTA

  • jennifer-ash-md

    Jennifer Ash, MD

  • kara-wilcoxon

    Kara Wilcoxon, MS, RDN, LDN

  • jacqueline-coffman-pa-c

    Jacqueline Coffman, PA-C

  • sneha-patel-fnp-c

    Sneha Patel, FNP-BC

  • jolena-martin-pa-c

    Jolena Martin, PA-C

  • ronald-wheeler-md

    Ronald Wheeler, MD

  • sharon-smith-md

    Sharon Smith, MD

  • matt-woodruff-pa-c

    Matt Woodruff, PA-C

  • kristina-berg-fnp-c

    Kristina Berg, FNP-BC

  • katie-wilson-apn

    Katie Wilson, APN

  • andrew-batey-md

    Andrew Batey, MD

Commonly Searched Departments

Family Practice

The primary care doctors at Paris Family Medical Center and our outreach clinics provide high-quality healthcare for patients of all ages. From common colds to diabetes management, we offer evaluation and treatment for many health conditions. 

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The orthopedics team at PCHFMC evaluates and treats conditions involving bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments. Our skilled orthopedic specialists use surgical and non-surgical methods to treat arthritis, fractures, strains, and sprains. 

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Women's Health

The women's health specialists at Paris Community Hospital offer comprehensive services for all stages and aspects of a women's life. They provide both general and advanced care in gynecology, breast health, urogynecology, and more. 

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