Inpatient Care

We serve our patients best by providing warm and comfortable assistance, as well as effective, individualized discharge plans.

Nursing Care Unit

The inpatient medical care team at Paris Community Hospital provides rehabilitative services, dietary services, private rooms, meals, and activities to the patients at PCH/FMC. The skilled nursing care unit provides inpatient medical care to those patients who no longer require acute hospitalization, but are still in need of certain skilled services for a short period of time. A swingbed program is also available for patients needing long-term care.

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Call 217-465-2606, Ext. 4369, to learn more about the inpatient services offered at PCH/FMC. 

Inpatient services:

  • Private rooms, meals and linens
  • Physician and nursing services
  • Rehabilitative services
  • Social services and activities
  • Dietary Services
  • Emergency dental services
  • Volunteer and chaplain services
  • Radiology, laboratory, respiratory therapy, physical therapy and other ancillary services as needed.

What our patients are saying

"A really good kept secret."

"I could not have been given any better treatment."

"They were always there to help me. They were great."

"Everyone of my nurses were excellent with me."

"Couldn't have asked for better treatment."

"Very Cheerful"

*Comments received from Patient Satisfaction Survey

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What to Expect

The physicians, nurses, and other medical staff at PCH/FMC will do their best to ensure your comfort and ease during an extended hospital stay. Our goal is to help you in recovery while you enjoy your temporary environment.

If the physician feels a patient’s condition meets the criteria and that he or she would benefit, the patient will be informed of their eligibility. Should they agree to participate, the nurse will explain patient rights and answer questions prior to admission. A handbook will be provided upon request.

A physician will visit about once a week to monitor the patient’s progress. In addition, patients are reviewed weekly by the interdisciplinary care team. The conference is open to the patient or their designated representative should they desire to attend.


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